My kids loved playing dress-up when they were little. I was an ice skater for a very long time and my mother, thankfully, held on to most of the costumes I wore over the years. These became the foundation of the “dress-up box”, and we added all sorts of odds and ends as we found them. My middle child, Rachel, was nutty for a “numbers hero” that appeared on some children’s show in the mid-90’s. He would ride his bike around town and help people count things, and he wore a shiny cape with huge numbers all over it. I made one for Rachel. It was bright pink and she wore it all the time. That was ages ago. It has since made its way to the dress-up box.

I thought it might be fun to make another cape. I thought it should be something a little boy would find cool enough to want to wear. How about a groovy spaceman?