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elvis is good

No, not Elvis Presley. Not that he isn’t good; he just isn’t the Elvis I’m talking about. I meant this Elvis:

If you ever need a hole dug in your yard, call Elvis. He will give you such a deal! (And if your forks and spoons seem to disappear, just look in the hole.)


(some) books are very good

Here are two of my favorite books:

1. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. This book is unlike any other I’ve ever read, and I’m not only referring to the story. The book itself has photos and diagrams and strange fonts and all sorts of things not usually found in a fictional piece. I don’t want to say much about the actual story line because the less you know, the more interesting the unfolding becomes. Suffice it to say the main character is a young precocious boy named Oskar Schnell whose father was killed on 9/11. I loved the story so, and hated for it to end.

2. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. This book will make you think about the way you eat, or to be more precise, exactly what you eat.  Regardless of whether you eat meat or not (and BTW the author is a meat eater), after reading this book you can’t help but contemplate how your food gets to your plate.

calling all future spacemen

My kids loved playing dress-up when they were little. I was an ice skater for a very long time and my mother, thankfully, held on to most of the costumes I wore over the years. These became the foundation of the “dress-up box”, and we added all sorts of odds and ends as we found them. My middle child, Rachel, was nutty for a “numbers hero” that appeared on some children’s show in the mid-90’s. He would ride his bike around town and help people count things, and he wore a shiny cape with huge numbers all over it. I made one for Rachel. It was bright pink and she wore it all the time. That was ages ago. It has since made its way to the dress-up box.

I thought it might be fun to make another cape. I thought it should be something a little boy would find cool enough to want to wear. How about a groovy spaceman?

dogs are good

Meet Dodger. He is my sweetie.

He has two brother pups. You will meet them later.

When my oldest child lost her first tooth, I realized how easy it would be for the tooth fairy to have trouble finding a teeny-weeny tooth under the pillow of an excited and wiggly five-year-old. I quickly decided the tooth needed some sort of holding device to keep it safe while awaiting the fairy’s visit.

I created a special tooth fairy pillow when we discovered the second loose tooth. The pillow not only made this particular right of passage more celebratory, it soon became my daughter’s “security blanket”. She hugged the pillow each night as she fell asleep, and even took it with on sleepovers.  And years after the last tooth was left for the fairy, the pillow was still a favorite.

This daughter turned 18 just a few days ago, and for her gift I resurrected her pillow from years of wear and tear and love. While I don’t have a photo here of her second-generation pillow, below are photos of other tooth fairy pillows I recently made for other special little ones.

If you’re interested, my pillows are available in my etsy shop.